The Wikidata Analytic Systems encompassed by this portal are developed under contract between DataKolektiv and Wikimedia Deutschland, 2017 - 2021. Important cooperation with the WMF Analytics Engineering and Research teams takes place in the development of Wikidata Analytics. While Goran S. Milovanović, Data Scientist for Wikidata does (almost) all the coding and Data Science here, it would certainly not be possible for a single developer to maintain the understanding and operations across the whole infrastructure that supports the systems encompassed by Wikidata Analytics. Many thanks go to Lydia, Léa, Tobi, Jan, Adam, Amir, Leszek, Franziska, Andrew, Dan, Luca, Joseph, Mikhail, Martin, Isaac, Leila, and many community members for their support, patience, and feedback.

How do we change things here?

You can always reach me on Phabricator as GoranSM (while the project and workboard are: User-GoranSMilovanovic) if you think something needs to change or happens to be broken. Requests for fixes and new features will typically involve Lydia Pintscher, Product Manager for Wikidata, Wikimedia Deutschland, and someone from the WMDE Engineering Management - probably Leszek Manicki. Open a ticket and I can discuss the proposal with you, but please take into you consideration that development takes place only in coordination with PMs and EMs and following the discussion on available resources and priorities.

Tech Stack

I mainly use R. However, the whole zoo encompasses:

Code and Documentation

Our code is hosted on Gerrit under analytics/wmde; also, on GitHub, Wikimedia look for things prefixed by analytics-wmde- (here!). Each Wikidata analytic system encompasses links towards the respective repository and documentation (mainly maintained on Wikitech and Meta). Most dashboards are self-documented.


Everything is GPL v2.0.

Goran S. Milovanović, Data Scientist for Wikidata, Wikimedia Deutschland: goran.milovanovic_ext@wikimedia.de
This is free software: all content and code is GPL v2.0 licensed.